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    That error normally means Xorg fails to start because there is no GPU driver that supports the chip in the box. We don't have any SkullCanyon devices to test locally but there have been public reviews of LE running on that hardware so we assume it works. Have you tried the v7.90.002 build?

    Thank you for your help. Can you send me link to v7.90.002 build? Do i have to put this bulid on usb only like other builds and then boot the box? I will do everthing from the scratch.

    What version are you using ? 7.0.1 is reported working at the hw.

    im using 6.9.1 ill try to do wiht 7.0.1 thanks

    I have Intel NUC6i7KYK and i am trying to instal new libreelrc or openelec but always I'm getting this error:
    "a start job is running for xorg server, failed to start xorg and there is nothing wrong with usb , I can instal to other box - 5th generation .
    I have a problem only 6 generation box. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks