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    Hi, Kszaq

    I tried, but without success. Downloaded the files from your link:, update-binary, updater-script

    I built the source, but now it doesn't want to flash the device. Tried with toothpick method.

    After that I flashed with and the device started just fine.

    Via SSH updated with my image (/storage/.update).

    Rebooted the device, it flashed, but again after that hanged on LOGO :(

    Hi, Kszaq

    Can You tell me How Can I build from source LibreElec NAND Release .zip update for MXQ with 512MB RAM memory?

    I've build the image earlier, but forgot which version source code I used. After that old version you have changed something and the image doesn't work anymore on 512GB RAM devices

    I have two boxes: One original Mxq S805 with 1GB RAM and the image works fine

    Another one is maybe chinese replica with 512GB Ram. It flashes , but can't boot. Struck on the LOGO. (yelllow logo S805)

    If I use your image for m210d - it works.

    But I want to build my own image from source.

    What should I change in the source tree to build .zip package for NAND for 512MB Ram memory?

    Best Regards

    It's not a single file, it should be a folder with 9082xs kernel driver source code. from your shared folder is the kernel module that we need sources for. :)

    Hi kszaq

    I just received driver for 9082xs from the chinese engeneers.

    Can you add it to the distribution?

    I have S905X with that chip and I can check it if it works ...

    I attached what they sent

    It's an archive. There is a file around the driver named "Porting Guide.doc". I think you should replace a 3-4 files.

    if there is a problem, I'll write them

    best regards