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    8.2.2 has resolved the audio issues for M8 and M8S-PLUS. Thanks Demetris for the great work.

    What issues were resolved? I have an M8 box now with the 8.2.2 image. Still have the same audio problems: I.e. DTS and DD does not work over the S/PDIF optical link. I can now choose S/PDIF as audio output but I still get only a short noise / screech and the silence whan playing DTS or DD content. GUI sounds work fine. Demetris

    I installed the 8.2-RC4 image on my M8 box Seams like things are working except for passthrough audio.

    When i activate passthrough GUI audio is fine but when I play a movie it hear a short high "screetch" sound and the nothing. Passthrough is via optical (SPDIF) cable. Can I do anything to help debug?