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    Official OpenELEC has never released a version for ODROID-U3, so you probably have used an unofficial OpenELEC portage to ODROID-U3.

    I'm using the very same patch for Kodi to support MFC hardware decoding in this unofficial LibreELEC portage to ODROID-U3. Your high CPU usage is not reproductible here.

    Yes,it was unofficial OpenElec release. And developer of the that have image is referring to your image now. :)

    Do I understand correctly you don't see same issues in your case?
    But strangely I see same issues on regular h264 encoded videos as well, occasional frame drops, high load.
    Lurking around odroid forums I have seen developers clames having problem with implementation of Kodi for the platform. And since we don't see 17.1 for the U3 I assume the problem is still there. They have released 17 for C1 though, but that is a different story.
    Any chance eMMC image might differ from SD version?

    It is used but only for supported codecs. For example, HEVC/H.265 is not a supported codec by the MFC on ODROID-U3 and then everything is done by software, then no hardware offloading for decoding

    Interesting, probably I should mention I am upgrading from older 14.2 opelelec build and all my videos had been 100% hw accelerated. No drops to software decoding. Is this new platform limitation?

    BTW As far as I can see hardkernell have released kodi 16 for the platform, but I assume this issue has been solved not on driver side but probably by patching the kodi source.


    Lately I decided to update my U3 to newer release. I have used an mmc version since and whole cloning process went smoothly (have used dd as installation software). The platform has lunched successfully and seems to be working fine. But I have noticed couple of issues:

    - I do see significant frame drop during animations of UI and even more during playback. running top I do see really high load on processor > 150%. Don't see any warning regarding decoding in log file. The rendering method is grayed out and set on Autodetect. Based on all of those symptoms I wonder if MFC is used during playback?

    CDVDVideoCodecMFC::Open - MFC Setup succesfull (1920x808, linesize 1920, format 0x32314d4e), start streaming

    533 root 20 0 770376 231928 25672 R 145.4 11.2 47:02.80 kodi.bin

    - I do see some screen tearing, but since it is known issue, it is kinda expected.

    Any help?