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    Thanks Blueribb,

    I made up a list of tasks to do in order to configure the newer version of Libreelec SMB to work the way I prefer. Which is to access the Windows share with file manager, etc.., and be able to map the Libreelec PC Storage as a network drive on the Windows PC. Would you please review and let me know if you think the process will work?

    1. Setup new user account/password in Windows 7 and add new user access to the existing Windows share directories.

    2. Update Libreelec version on Libreelec PC

    3. Add PC SMB share path to Libreelec as smb://<IP of my Windows 7 share PC>

    4. Add the Windows 7 share to Libreelec PC using the new user account name and password from the Windows 7 PC.

    5. To allow mapping of Libreelec PC as a network drive on the Windows 7 PC:

    SSH into Libreelec from Windows 7 PC with a Program such as Filezilla, and copy the 'samba.conf.sample' file from \storage\.config\

    6. Edit this file with a basic text editor to include a section that adds the path to the Libreelec storage and/or other directories as needed

    7. Save the edited file as 'samba.conf' and use SSH to copy the modified 'samba.conf' file to \storage \.config\ on the Libreelec PC

    8. Reboot Libreelec PC.

    Blueribb, thanks for the link. I found that thread when I tried to figure this out before. I'm not clear regarding everything a Windows 7 user needs to do, since this thread talks about Windows 10. I understand how to add a network user and password if that is mandatory, but did not want to spend the time then.

    I do have some questions though.

    - Do you have to enter the password everytime you connect from the Libreelec PC to the Windows PC share?

    - Can you map your Libreelec PC as a network drive in Windows Explorer file manager on your Windows PC?

    I like to use my Powerdesk file manager to map to the Libreelec NUC via SMB and transfer files, etc.. that way. I know how to edit the SMB.conf file to allow the Libreelec directories to be seen over smb

    Thanks for any info.

    Hey Zeliax,

    I had the same problem after I updated to 8.2. I could not get an SMB connection to work from my Windows 7 PC to my Libreelec NUC, or to the Windows 7 Shares from the NUC. I tried reading the release notes and searching on here and the Kodi site, but I could not find a solution that would restore the SMB. So, I rolled back to version 8.0.2, which is the last release with the older SMB configuration.

    I placed the 8.0.2 gz into the \storage\.update directory over SSH and did a CLI reboot from Putty. I can now use SMB both ways. It would be very helpful if there were a step wise tutorial on how to setup the newer SMB connectivity to and from the Libreelec PC and a Windows 7 or 10 PC.

    Please post if your figure it out.

    Hey techsterweb, I'm considering a NUC5PGYH for Libreelec only use in the bedroom, but I'm concerned about noise from the CPU fan. Do you ever hear the fan while watching videos on the NUC?

    I've run across some reviews on Amazon and Newegg where owners complain about fan noise. I won't be playing anything over 1080p.

    Thanks for any info!


    I have an HTPC with an NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS video card, and I'm running the Openelec Legacy build.

    Will the LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.2 build work with the Nvidia 8400GS? I would like to upgrade to LibreELEC if possible.

    Thanks for any information.