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    As far as I understood, Netflix embedded subtitles in their video stream. I believe it's either Kodi Video Player can't decode the subtitle information or the Netflix addon didn't handle it.

    What we can do right now is wait.

    Hi. This is happening when searching for subtitles from videos in my own library ...

    PS: I watched an 720p episode of a show with netflix yesterday, not a single stream problem :)

    Oh, yes. The plugin is not 100% at its peak and I also experienced some stutters especially on the audio side and had to restart the whole box to get it working again. So it's not a flawless netflix experience at this point.

    Oh, here's the log when I try to get subtitles from a Series I've stored on the box:

    1. 19:41:57.769 T:3581256608   ERROR: Unable to create plugin service.subtitles.opensubtitles
    2. 19:41:57.769 T:3581256608   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://service.subtitles.opensubtitles/?action=search&languages=English&preferredlanguage=Unknown
    3. 19:42:12.218 T:3589645216   ERROR: Unable to create plugin service.subtitles.subcentral
    4. 19:42:12.218 T:3589645216   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://service.subtitles.subcentral/?action=search&languages=English&preferredlanguage=Unknown

    My experience is and was: when using the RPi you should also use a Wifi Dongle with AC capability. Everything else I tried was not successful.

    Does this occur for all types of files or just e.g. hevc/x265 videos. I'm also using the odroid-c2 and for sd h264 videos I cannot observe any problems, same goes for some online resources I've tried (orf, puls4, youtube)

    I can confirm the audio crackling problem. But not only after 60 seconds after playback. But sometimes also at some random time. Note: I have deactivated GUI sounds completely.

    Apart from that the switch from RPi3 to Odroid is worth the upgrade. HEVC in 1080p play without a problem. And I haven't noticed audio-sync problems so far, but I'm also quite undiscerning when it comes to that.


    Edit: the crackling / click noise is gone for me. Just go to the Settings-> Sound, Use Option "Fixed" and Limit the sample rate to 44.1KHz and also use "Keep Audio device alive": always.
    Works for me.

    Turkey is now in the same timezone as the middle east instead of eastern Europe. Yay!

    By the way, the most bizarre part of it is that they didn't change timezones (technically). Instead, they decided to be on daylight savings time all year round.

    But they told people they were getting rid of daylight savings. Confusing as hell and people didn't know what time it was when the change happened. All electronic devices including cell phones were wrong.

    That's what Dictators and Autocracys do :(

    Ah thanks, but I have no clue what I have or where to find it - was hoping it was a file that already existed.

    You have to figure out which wifi adapter you're using and the respective kernel module. It seems you're using a normal pc for playback?

    Just figure it out using 'lspci', there should be a line such as:

    1. 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 6b)

    Or any other manufactorer apart from Intel.

    Afterwards you can do a 'lsmod' (or a search the internet) which module you're adapter is using. Sone that you can start looking for information on the driver and create a file with module options which are applied on startup.

    escalade, I'll maybe give it a try on my box with your builds and switch back from nfs to smb to see what happens. But its quite a pain in the ass to switch library paths :(

    You have to put it into a conf file in


    for example


    And you have to look up the man page of the module your wifi adapter is using. Some of the options I used may be the same, some may not be available.

    I did the following steops to (parly) resolve the problems:

    a) switching between kodi smb and system smb didn't help
    b) switching from smb to nfs did help partially (scanning worked, but slowly, sometimes even failing)
    c) turning of powersaving on the usb wireless card completely resovled the problem, although I'm still on nfs and not using smb ... I don't wanna change the Library at this moment.

    How are you connected to the server/NAS?

    I've done serveral tests now with SMB and NFS. My issues are completely resolved with the options for kernel modules provided. No scanning issues, no video freezes or stutters.
    Maybe another person with network issues / NFS, SMB issues / performance can also test this ... of course if you're using an external USB wifi stick.

    I can rule out (of course not 100%) the Synology Box as several other clients do not experience any problems browsing the shares, copying files, etc., although none of the is "streaming" files for playback.
    I may have found a solution to the problem and it seems wifi related, which was also causing freezes in video playback from time to time (the files played without any flaws on my archlinux/gnome laptop):

    I use a rpi3 with an external wifi-usb adapter with a rtl8812au chipset. I adjusted the modules parameters as follows:

    1. [code]
    2. options 8812au rtw_vht_enable=1 rtw_ht_enable=0 rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=0 rtw_ips_mode=1


    1. I was only testing this setup with NFS so far, but the playback of a once problematic file (kodi playback stall/freeze) went well. I'll keep you updated.

    Seems SMB is royally screwed up in Kodi - and in my opinion isn't a LibreELEC issue. My main install of v7.90.007 won't display past the 108th movie on my main Windows server share. It's not the file as I can move it and just the next one pops in, I have also tested this on my Android tablet runnning the latest Kodi nightly and it does exactly the same. No matter what do with the files on the server only 108 of them get listed. If I use FX File Explorer on the same tablet I can see all 229 movie files so I'm pretty sure my server is fine, as it was before.

    I also have an issue where after a certain amount of time the SMB connection simply dies, I get an "Invalid argument" and I have to reboot, yet I can watch many films/shows for hours, then come back the next day having left it switched on and I get the same error again. The server never shuts down.

    I wanted to mention this here for reference, and I will now go visit the Kodi forums in the hope I can find a solution.

    Yes, this is exactly my experience. Unless it is not only related to the number of files (i've got several hundred in my Series directory).