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    Then you did something wrong. Delete folder and copy it again. Don't run sed command because changing name is not required.

    Well, I did what you said. :cry:

    Anyway, based on your new advice that a part of your previous advice was not required, I have:

    cp /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary/addon.xml /storage/.kodi/addons/skin.estuary.edit/

    ... and now it works as expected.

    Thank you.

    Thank you guys, I have made a copy of the skin as suggested by vpeter, then modified it. Rebooted, but still Kodi shows the usual overlay when pausing a video.

    Then it occurs to me that maybe I need to config Kodi to load the new skin. I navigate to Interface Settings but can see only the existing (original) skin. Do I need to select my new modified skin? How do I do that? Should it be detected automatically where it's been copied to?

    I have confirmed that the new skin contains the mods shown by vpeter, and also contains the mods to disable the overlay after 3 seconds as indicated in the linked post.


    LibreELEC 8.2.5 on a Shuttle XS35GTV2 fanless PC.

    I'd like to make a persistent change to a Kodi XML file. Does the community have a preferred method of modifying an installed LibreELEC setup? Please forgive me if this is a common question - I'm not active enough on this forum to know.

    Specifically, I'm trying to prevent the skinned overlay appearing each time I pause a video. It looks nice, but rather annoyingly obscures parts of the image. I usually pause as I want to examine a scene. So, I found this post detailing how to change an XML file.

    Can anyone please help me do this? I can modify the required file (/usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary/xml/DialogSeekbar.xml) but need the mod to remain after rebooting. It seems the filesystem has been mounted as read-only.

    Thanks. :cool:

    which kind of device is it?

    IIRC you can't have both (wired and wireless). To use the internal ethernet port, just disable wifi completely. Or is the internal ethernet port also broken?

    It's a Shuttle XS35GT V2 that I've had for some time now. So I guess it qualifies as an 'older' unit. :cool:

    Wifi is disabled.

    Internal port isn't (wasn't) broken. But on every distro I've used on this unit right back to XBMCbuntu, I had to compile and install an additional driver for the NIC. So, I eventually started using a USB Gigabit NIC. Not actually gigabit of course, but good enough.

    I'd like to get to the innards to diagnose this but, this is also the first distro I've had where I couldn't access the console. :s
    Ah, then it occurs to me - "why don't I just enable wifi and download the required repo package?" :blush:

    I'll try that in the morning.

    Sorry - I may not have been clear enough. This device does not have any network access as the USB network adapter I was using is broken. So, installing from a remote repo isn't going to happen. :s

    But, I tried it anyway and got: "Installation failed" :P
    Maybe I can download that package and put it on a USB stick and install from that? Is that possible?

    Hello, first post here. :D

    I'm using LibreELEC v8.0.1 on an x86_64.

    How do I access the console? I need local access - not network.

    My USB NIC has failed. I would rather have the embedded NIC working anyway but it's not shown in Kodi. Which means I need to access dmesg, etc... via a CLI to troubleshoot this.

    I've tried the usual CTRL+ALT+F3 (and all the other F keys) - nothing. The only one that works is CTRL-ALT-F1 to get my Kodi GUI back.

    Thank you.