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    Nexbox a95x (2GB ram, 16GB Nand) Reverted back to 8.0.1.i from 8.0.2.a:

    - some videos are missing audio, codec reports AAC 22050hz 'FC' (front channel).

    - On working builds Audio Codec reports 2CH L, R.

    Note nougat development build works OK, but rolled back as remote not working (despite remote.conf being added), edit - as noted in nougat thread.

    Hope this helps. Happy to provide logs if required.

    8.0.2a works well. My wifi has started to work and the wifi password authentication problem is gone. However, the videos are darker and the contrast is higher. This was not an issue in 8.0.1k version. Is there any way to get around this issue?

    I experience the same on Nexbox a905x 1gb/16 - darker video and washed out appearance. How does the kernal affect this, drivers? If drivers, is this configurable?