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    Many thanks jack9 but I seem to have the exact same problem with those builds too. They install, then reboot, m8 splash, libreELEC splash then nothing. I can install the m8 6.0.0 build from that site but then as soon as I try a later one LIbreELEC, be it v7.x or 8.x I get the blank screen again, back to openelec and all is fine. The strange thing is I can update Demetris 8.0RC4 without any issue and also Demetris LibreELEC-S802.arm-8.0.1a-M8 (which has now been removed?). So I'm not sure what is different with those builds.

    Any ideas? Demetris can you shed any light or have anything I can check / test?

    Many thanks in advance

    Your situation is identical to mine, we probably have the exact same M8.

    I posted after every subsequent Demetris build just to say that it wasn't working in the hope that I would get some assistance but none has been forthcoming. I hope you have better luck so we can both benefit.

    No, new 8.0.2 not working on my M8, same as 8.0.1, I'm still stuck with 8.0 RC4 as the last working version for me.

    Tried to upgrade from fresh 8.0 RC4. Install seemed to go smoothly, reboot, LE logo, 'Libreelec (community) - Version :8.0.2' at top left of screen, then nothing. ;(

    Start fresh and it will work, could be an addon you installed if you read thread you will find instructions how to clean your database.

    Does starting fresh/cleaning the database involve anything other than deleting everything from the /storage/.kodi/addons/packages directory? I tried that and the same problem still remains.

    I wonder what the difference is between 8.0 RC4 and 8.0.1 to cause me this problem?