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    I just updated to and lost wired network on one box. It does not get an IP over DHCP and manual settings reset to DHCP? I tried again but the issue remains? Was working fine 5 minutes ago :( Factory reset in Libreelec did not help.

    A second same box got a different IP after the update but it kept on working.....

    EDIT: Factory reset from recovery worked...

    EDIT: also does not work. works after factory reset. I will try now... :)

    EDIT: seems to be working fine. The later builds are also about 10mb smaller.... i will stick to then ;)

    Thanks for the great work! Image is very usable

    I want to report my findings with my very cheap (currently VERY VERY cheap ($23.99!) amlogic box

    Kodi through android works but the performance and support is not that great. 1080p was not working and sometimes is gets very slow. I flashed my 2 boxes with libre elec and that was a great improvement. Everything worked:
    - Wifi and ethernet both work
    - Power led works correctly
    - CEC works correct (power on/off also) but sometimes it stops working and a reboot is needed
    - IR receiver works. I mapped the original remotes and other NEC's
    - 1080p high bitrate (own movies, 60+ mbps) play smooth over ethernet

    The only 2 things that i have noticed (will investigate the logs later) are:
    - It hangs sometimes (in homescreen for example) after a few hours not used. TV connects with HDMI but no network or remote response. Clock has stopped also. Power cycle works
    - CEC stopped working once. Reboot fixed it. Looked like it was a bit slower also.

    I use a PLEX media server on my nas (synology) as a shared lib for synced play status ect. I have 2 kodi boxes now with Amber skin and plexbmc beta 4 addon for as long as that keeps working. I am still looking for other solutions to integrated my PLEX server. Airplay does not work with PLEX (only audio works from other apps). Yatse android app alows streaming of youtube and other media to kodi but not from PLEX. When PLEX support is gone i will switch to chromecast i guess......