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    This is great. Thanks. I originally used elbuit solution and flashed your firmware as a replacement.

    I have a Nexbox A95X S905 1G

    I'm not sure why but on my box after the Nexbox logo it doesn't actually load Android but hangs on a black screen. However I tend to replace Android with Libreelec and by using the toothpick method I can first boot to SD and then used the installtointernal to copy Libreelec to Nand. Libreelec is working as an internal installation, I can use the remote to power up the box and the LED colours are correct.

    What file and how you flash?

    I flash with USB Burning tool and file NEXBOX-A95X_8189etv_8g1g_160812_uBootFix.img All was excellent, the android was loaded without problems.

    Oh, *****, okay. I have the Nexbox MXQ Pro 4K
    and I thought that uboot fix is for both boxes,
    because the thread opener was talking about
    a Nexbox MXQ Pro, too.

    If you past me remote control power button ir code - I recompile uBoot with MXQ Pro power button remote code.

    And yet, on your current firmware, the indicator LEDs work correctly (Blue - on, red - off)?

    You can flash my uBoot or firmware as a test. Should work, but I'm not sure about the power button MXQ Pro, if I throw here the code of the power button on the MXQ Pro, then I'll add it to uBoot.

    Sorry, what to download, exactly? or or nexbox-a95x_8189etv....rar?

    Can you write a short step-by-step tutorial what to do?

    NEXBOX-A95X_8189etv_8g1g_160812_uBootFix.rar - stock firmware with fixed uBoot - Just fixed uBoot for replacement in another firmware with the help of Customization tool - Compiled uBoot from source.

    If you want just flash stock firmware with fixed uBoot - use NEXBOX-A95X_8189etv_8g1g_160812_uBootFix.rar and flash unpacked img file with USB Burning tool

    Hello everybody! I'm glad to inform, I fixed uBoot:

    1. Turns on and off from the home remote with the native "Power" button (Android / AlexELEC / LibreELEC)
    2. The LEDs-indicators (were "confused" in places) are fixed: the blue LED is on, the red LED is off.

    Firmware(NEXBOX-A95X 8189etv 8g1g 160812 with uboot fix) and uBoot separately can be taken here: MEGA

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