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    Hi all.

    I enjoy all the builds. (thanks kszaq) but not the big downloads.

    So I tried to see if there was a way to make patches between the builds, with decent size patches.

    I was successful.

    I now have access to all 10 builds (a to j image with sensors) only needing 164 megs of downloading. (LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.1a.img.gz + 9 patch files)

    If this is something that would be useful for you, you can look at it here:

    GitHub - gary9872/905kszaq-diff-patches

    I made a script (Linux) that can patch any of the sensored image builds, or you can do it manually. (Linux/Windows)

    If you like the idea but need instead one of the other formats/versions (no sensors, tar etc) I'd be willing to add those too.

    Any comments, suggestions welcomed.



    I think what you need to do is to make a git patch.


    So my box is useless when it comes to LibreElec and I am stuck to Android?
    I will bring it back to the dealer then, since the ad says : Chipset: Amlogic S905 Quad-Core [email protected]

    Which S905 or S905x do you recommend if I want to install LibreElec ?

    So you know for sure, or for next time download CPU-Z


    and go to the SOC tab and look under archetecture it should say A53-Cortex(S905)... not A7-Cortex (Rockchip)

    As for which one to buy: the ODROID_C2 (Some assembly may be required case, etc)

    I have a GooBangDoo Master, which works fine with LibreElec.

    For a better answer, let everyone know what you want to do with your box. ie dual boot android/libreelec, 4k? HEVC?10bit?, wifi/wired, all that fancy audio stuff like DTS surround, spdif I know very little about.

    Hope you do good this time around :)


    Is anyone else having problems with networking?

    I mean when I connect wirelessly it works fine until I reboot, when I reboot the network is forgotten.
    I also noticed when using LAN I get a new IP-address assigned on every reboot, seems that LibreELEC isn't saving or loading my network settings? Can I solve this somehow? I'm using a OTT MXQ PRO 4K (Amlogic S905).

    I swear I responded to this... the gremlins ate it?

    ssh into your box and do this.

    dmesg | grep MAC

    If you get something like: ERROR invalid mac addr:00:00:00:00:00:00, assign random MAC, you are probably just going to have to deal with the two problems mentioned above.

    You would need to make a script that would run at boot that would change the MAC address to the same numbers every time.

    You could try this... it may or may not work.




    rk322_x-box userdebug 5.1.1 LMY49F 20170303.

    That's screams Rockchip not S905. You could check your build.prop file and look for the build info...but if you see the above build info there again, I think you are SOL for using a 905build.


    Just a short question: Where can I automatically shutdown Kodi at a given time?

    I want to turn off the hardware with a timer plug. In order to not damage the
    file system of Kodi I would like to have it turn off every night at 2355, because
    at midnight the plug will turn off the electricity.

    You could use cron to do that I'm guessing.

    1. Start an SSH session with your box via command line with a computer

    or [email protected] ip number of your box

    (Above is from Linux command line.. might be different using Windows or MAC etc)

    type yes for key ( if this is your first time connecting to your box)

    Default password should be libreelec.

    To my knowledge cron should be running already...

    2. Check with:

    pidof crond

    It should return a 4 or 5 digit number. If it doesn't get back to me... cuz it's not running

    I'm just going to assume it is running... for now..

    3. Change Directory to where cron stores stuff.

    cd /storage/.cache/cron/crontabs

    make a file here... you can use the nano text editor

    4. Type something like this...

    nano turnoffcomputer

    (you will enter a text editor)

    5. Type this in whilst in the text editor.

    55 23 * * * root poweroff

    6. Then hit ctrl-X then hit y to save.

    If everything goes well.. you box should shutdown at 11:55pm every day.

    Perhaps somebody can clarify that poweroff is the proper command to shutdown libre elec properly? (Or is it shutdown which seems to give 1 minute grace with no arguments)

    I'm probably clear as pea soup, so ask more questions if you need too.
    Hopefully that steers you in the right way.



    Is it ? i really dont know. when i had K1 Plus i used realtek wifi Driver.
    Which dtb file should i use for Ampak then ?
    Can i see which WiFi Card i have in dmesg ? thanks for replying.

    It say aml.29 wifi which means ?????

    From what little I've found, people with this have SEEM TO have an Ampak which uses the broadcomhd driver.

    Perhaps try another dtb with same specs like 2G 100M but no realteak wifi?

    Perhaps asking this would be better answered at the KI / KII Pro thread?



    I've already tried in that article but I could not figure out which remote.config is right for my box. I put one in the other site but nothing changes. All the keys except the power off function.

    Seeing that it turns on but not off suggests that there is nothing wrong with the remote.conf (Unfortunately) It suggests that the coding to suspend your box is now broken

    What I would recommend is trying earlier versions to see if you can pin point which exact version the problem started at.



    here is what you have asked for.


    Even in your latest build my KII Pro fails to detect wireless network. i dont know why. am i doing anything wrong> i am choosing the correct dtb file(2gb 100Mb Realtekwifi.dtb)
    Can you help me to make my wifi in KII Pro work ?

    Are you sure it has realtekwifi, or does it have a broadcom chip?

    FYI: I run gentoo and build there. However, every now and then I have minor/major build issues as well.
    Especially since my gentoo is bleeding edge and sometimes presents build with newer host programs (e.g. gperf 3.1).
    It seems standard Android/LE/etc... build is debian/ubuntu friendlier.
    So now I have very minimal ubuntu chroot inside gentoo and I can build much easier (and equally fast).

    I believe it has something to do with the version of BASH...

    I tryed attaching a patch but it wouldn't let me, so you'll have to copy the below code and call it image.patch and place it in scripts directory where the file image resides and issue the following command.

    patch < image.patch image

    Hope that works,



    Hello all.

    The audio *ANALOG* goes nuts ( some sort of white noise extremely LOUD) just before the LibreElec screen comes up, and stays like that for about 14 seconds, then disappears as it is finishing loading up Kodi. I does it on both 7 and 8 releases.

    Any suggestions on how to mute it?



    PS Thanks kzaq for all your work. It is quite the daunting task to make this builds.