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    The weather widget is not refreshing..only time I see it refresh is if I change weather information service (e.g. openweathermap to yahoo and back again) there some setting to change this?

    HW: RPI2 / LE 7.01.


    I seem to have gotten it seems like on default, IARL was pointing either to cores that weren't downloaded or don't exist on retroarch. I downloaded and point IARL to the right core by right clicking / pressing 'c' on the platfrom in the IARL listing.

    I am in touch with IARL creator trying to fix this issue, I don't know if it is related with the path or with the folder name that don't let the wizard start...
    When I have some news I will post over here... Meanwhile, If you, or anyone else, make it work, please let me know.

    About retroarch 1.3.4, it is included in my package, you just have to browse to /storage/.kodi/addons/script.gamestarter/resources/bin and rename "retroarch" to "retroarch_1.3.2", then "retroarch_1.3.4" to "retroarch" and give it execution permissions. I don't set it by default because it is taken from lakka distro, so if you update lakka from settings menu, you will lost LibreELEC, so be carefull..

    I don't know how to compile retroarch for Pi, if anyone gives me some tutorial I will take a look, or if someone knows how to compile and want to do it for gamestarter I will apreciate that

    Tut for compiling retroarch: Raspberry Pi • View topic - RetroArch on Raspbian: the tutorial --might have to do it first on a raspian image then copy it over to lbreelec/openelec...I don't know if and doubt if they have the libraries to compile it.

    You have to enable hidden folders and files in kodi settings. IALR addon must point to script, not retroarch binary. Did you run IARL settings wizard?

    I didn't run the doesn't seem to start...i can sort of highlight it...but it doesn't seem to execute..the ok button works up in the box though..but that doesn't seem to trigger it ..? As far as the IARL addon is concered, it seems like it points only to a folder where retroarch is located. not a specific file in the addon settings. One other it possible to upgrade retroarch binary to 1.3.4?

    I'm trying to use Internet archiver...It downloads the zip ok, but it doesn't launch. I pointed it to the retorach bin location in /kodi/addons/script.gamestarter/resources/bin. Am I missing something?

    I also had to make a symbolic link from /.kodi to /kodi since the openelec menus won't let me select hidden folders.


    (Using Libreelec RPi2)