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    Thanks for your reply.
    /dev/mmcblk0p1---- 27.0mb is very small in my brother's case.Can it resize with partition program only and should work fine?

    how many partitions after properly making storage on sd card we should see?

    Sorry, I'm not going to create another version. It would cause even more confusion and it would take a lot of time as I would have to make all following versions twice.

    Please read the above guide carefully. Is it really so hard to follow? You don't need to create the ext3 manually anymore, just use the provided image of empty storage.

    My problem is different, the unit will boot no problem (is empty LIBReElec)but is no more available storage to load repos.Please take look at my screen capture

    This is update to my previous post.
    Please take a look at the partition from the attached picture.
    It looks to me that the internal storage is full.But why?
    /dev/mmcblk0p1 27mb total, used 26.3 and free 1kb 100% used
    then external (original card is 29.6 gig) after creating LIBREELEC_disc with the LibreELEC USB-SD Creator size became small and stays small at 867.8mb
    /dev/system total 867.9 mb 123 mb was used and free are 729mb is only 14% used. ( he still should be able to use this one)
    My conclusion is; either the unit is redirecting new repos only to internal storage (and from KOPRajs post: after creating disc image the device should use external storage) since external has some space.The other problem could be that the external should have different name not /dev/system/
    I'm hoping to someone point me in right direction.
    Can someone please post the screen shot of filesystem with external storage to be used for repository files.
    Thanks in advance

    I'm trying to help my brother to get this running since his box is old g-box midnight.
    1.He was able to update to 8.01 from 6.03 openelec.He did create the SD card 2gig size with ext3 and LIBREELEC_DISK label for the first boot.
    But in his situation the card need to be always in the unit or otherwise giving him error and when he trying to load repository around 120mb size
    error coming that is not enough space after 8% loading.
    Looks to me the creation of Libreelec_disc is not correct to tell the unit to use external storage since his internal do not have more space only 6kb.
    Please advise