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    I installed to SDCARD and am running 20190424 without issue.

    Are you running 20190424 from internal NAND? If so, how did you manage to make this version work in NAND?

    I also updated from 20190226 to 20190424 and it broke my box. So I had to reinstall 8.0.2, updated to 20190226 and it's working from NAND at the moment.

    Nexbox A95X S905 1G/8G. Running latest/last version of LE 8.2 from SD card. Everything seems to be working fine. Only problem is that the remote won't power on the box after it's been powered off.

    I have tried the specific A95X remote.conf from the remote.conf repository - copied this file on the SD card to overwrite the default remote.conf. Didn't seem to fix the power on issue.

    Is there a fix or workaround for this?


    Hi all, I have an MXQ Pro 4K S905 1GB/8GB from Leelbox. I opened the case to confirm the chip is S905 and that the reset button behind the AV hole is soldered and connected. However, I still cannot use the toothpick method to boot into recovery. Booting via SD Card using various firmwares doesn't work. The AmLogic Burning tool also does not detect the box.

    I think there is something wrong with the firmware and need to flash a new recovery image. The installed Android OS is 5.1.1 and includes the Update and Backup app. Could this be used to flash TWRP or a LibreElec image for S905?



    Hello, I have a Matricom Gbox Q2 and read that this uses the S812 CPU. Is this correct? If yes, can I use Demetris' image files and which one should I flash? Also, where can I find the instructions to flash? Thanks!

    Thanks Alexeiyo, the gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb worked on my MXQ PRO 4K Quick Play version. You're right this has the 1Gbit LAN. Remote is working perfect, too!

    Are you running LE from nand or SD? I'm still running from SD and want to move to nand.

    Kszag, many thanks for giving us LE for these Amlogic boxes!

    Hi, new member here. My box is an MXQ Pro 1GB memory. It's the model with "Quick Play" written on the top. I installed LE 8.0.1f with the gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4K.dtb device tree.

    Everything is working from SD card. Wifi is working but I can't get the wired connection to work. Wired connection works with the stock Android app, though. With LE, I tried both dhcp and manual IPV4 settings. Also made sure the LE "wired connection" option is enabled. I also SSHed to the box (via wifi) and used ethtool to set the speed from 1GB to 100MB. Still doesn't work.

    Any suggestions? Is there a version of LE 8.0 and a specific dtb that I should try?