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    I installed the addon, but it doesn't start as a service:

    1. # snmpd.start 
    2. /storage/.kodi/addons/ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Need I configure something?

    Thanks and regards.

    Thanks! It works!

    One question: is possible to manage the volume just for one sink?

    I want to fix the analog outputt always with same volume, and when I change the volume or put mute just affect to HDMI output.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks and regards.

    Hi zorrua

    yes, it works either with the original remote, or a Logitech Harmony.

    I don't have a USB keyboard to test...but I guess you can only wake up using the IR port.


    I want to use an external (USB) IR receiver with different remote.

    I will try it.


    Hi chewitt

    suspend / wake up works fine on my S905X Mini M8S II.

    I can use 'XBMC.Suspend', blue LED turns off, and then wake up the box with the remote.
    It didn't work with 7.02.009, but it works at least since 7.03

    Hello Fredouye,

    Does the wake up work with original remote?

    Could you try with a USB keyboard?

    Kind regards.


    I have Wetek Play with last stable version (7.0.3).

    I want to swith off the TV by a script with this command:

    I am doing something wrong?

    This is CEC device:

    Best regards.

    I'm sorry but this is not a good reason. Cortex-A53 is also a good ARM CPU and it runs 32-bit userspace nicely. You may want to note that all S905/X boxes run 32-bit userspace in Android! I see no reason to use my build server resources to build aarch64-userspace builds - this requires lots of time, energy and hard drive space (my arm build folder is 15GB!) and there is no real benefit in having 64-bit userspace. 32-bit userspace is also compatible with ARM plugins that you can't use on aarch64 unless you provide multiarch libs. I will stick to 32-bit userspace builds for Jarvis, maybe when there's an easy way to add ARM compatibility I'll switch back to aarch64 for Krypton/Leia.


    If there is no difference, lets go to 32bits.

    Off topic question: your build server is in your home? Or in cloud?

    What hardware do you requiere to get other buildserver? Could we donate for cloud build server?

    Kind regards.