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    Got it working, thanks for the information you were right my MXIII 2G is S802 Soc the MXIII Plus didnt work but the MXIII1G.tar file worked beautifully. Big Shout out to Drieschel and Demetris for putting in the time creating these builds so I can keep my box up to date.

    I am using an aftermarket remote/keyboard usb remote, My only issue i have is my back button doesn't work on remote end just keyboard side del button works as back. but most Important my menu button (Right Click) doesn't work either. I added the remote.config to the ConfigFiles but My back button and menu still don't work any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Also by buddy has an MXq box with file would i use for that one I believe its a S805 soc.

    Thanks again for all the help greatly appreciated.

    On MX-III 2GB with AP6330 Using S82 image, Bluetooth works fine on reboot or Total Power off and on

    New to this forum I have a few questions. Which file would i download the MXIII or MXIII plus or a completely different file? I am running MXIII S812 AP6330 Chip 2g Ram. I also have never installed libreelec before but after reading this thread i think i understand the process just have a few questions. First i should be copying the remote files from original kitkat load (Not sure where these are) then I need to install Liberelec 7 build (Not sure where to find this file download) do i flash this file with the usb burn tool or use tar method? If tar method a quick overview how to do this would be awesome. Then I update to 8.0 or 8.1 using tar method again ? and last where to copy remote files back into libreelec 8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.