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    On latest version (8.1.10) I am not able to access web interface of Tvheadend after a fresh install on Wetek Play 2. Of course, before I installed Tvheadend add-on from Libreelec repository with no error messages.

    Netstat command didn't show 9981 as listening port.

    I want to change behaviour for some keys from remote control of Wetek Play 2 using Keymap Editor, but these are not detected on key press. There is a remote.conf file specific for Wetek Play 2? How to implement this file in device?

    Thanks in advance.

    I have a MK808B Plus from GearBest with LibreELEC v7.0.2.4 installed on SD and OpenELEC v6.95.2.2 installed on NAND.
    I use a TK668 2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse that works well with both firmwares, but power button only on LibreELEC.
    i have an annoying problem with SSH connection on both firmwares because is very slow and instable:
    - I enter a character and I see it few seconds later;
    - A response for a command comes 10 seconds later;
    - Connection is very instable and i need to initiate a new session after some time.
    What can I do to make SSH connection faster and more stable, based on that my wireless connection to my router is stable at 54Mpbs.

    Over all, using LibreELEC is a pleasure and thank you kszaq for that.