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    I have the exact same random issue, although with FLAC surround audio and a Pioneer AVR. The rest of the details are identical.
    MakeMKV rip with HD surround tracks converted to FLAC. Infrequently but regularly blasts static through the rear channels (5.1 set up). Stopping and restarting often will fix the issue. Pausing allows but does not guarantee that it reappears.

    I find these problems are almost always solved by enabling the "wait for network" setting in the LibreELEC add-on. Basically Kodi loads the libraries before it can talk to the mySQL DB and then it all goes wrong.

    The same thing happened to me with .11 when I selected an upgrade channel. I was able to get the functionality back by deleting the xml settings file for the addon.

    It was in one of these.

    does anyone know if the advancedsettings.xml file is getting parsed at all

    I am having buffering issues while playing large blu ray disks from a NAS(smb)over the network and trying to paly with the cache settings to battle the buffering issues however no matter how much memory I set for cache I am not seeing kodi use more RAM

    Mine is reading and parsing the advancedsettings.xml because my central SQL library is connecting, reading, and updating, and all that info is stored in the advancedsettings.xml.