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    That's a neat little box but part of the upgrade idea was to get a small form factor box that I could fit an optical drive in.
    I ended up going with the 1150 Shuttle case with a Pentium G3450. Going for a Core processor seems like overkill.

    Thanks for your help, I was starting to think Haswell was the way to go.

    I wasn't sure what differences there were in the integrated graphics between celeron, pentium and i3/5/7

    Hi all,

    I'm a long time Kodi user (currently openelec on an older Acer Revo) looking to build a new small form factor HTPC.

    I really like the look of the slim barebone cases from Shuttle but cannot decide between the Haswell based LGA1150 model and the Skylake based LGA1151 model.
    Important factors are:

    Complete Librelec compatability.
    HDMI 1080p @ 60hz, 50hz and smooth 23.976 playback.
    HDMI HD audio support with passthrough for Dolby Digital/DTS standard and HD
    Not looking to upgrade to 4k anytime soon but a certain amount of future proofing would be good.
    All my media is stored on a seperate server so will only need a small SSD for the OS

    Will probably start with a mid priced i3 unless it's worth upgrading to an i5 already.

    What would be my best option?

    LGA1150 Shuttle - Shuttle XH81V Supports LGA1150 Slim-PC Barebone - No OS System - Ebuyer
    LGA1151 Shuttle - 745613-shuttle-xh110v-intel-h110-chipset-supports-lga1151-skylake-slim-barebone-no-xh110v

    Thanks in advance