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    My TVHeadend installation is on a Raspi running Raspbian because that machine also does some other minor tasks. I use LibreElec only on the ODROID that is connected to my TV set.


    it might be slightly off-topic, but i would just like to know if you are successfully viewing dvb-t2 over the raspi. i failed to get it running properly and decided the reason must be the decoding power of the raspi3. if you say it actually works (without framedrops) i would give it another try.

    hello there,

    i am having massive problems getting my raspi3 started with the andoer dvb-t2 usb-stick. so far i have managed to get the thing listed in tvheadend - although only if i accept it as Panasonic dvb-t adapter. do i need to install a par client? if so which one? i can find dvb-t2-channels in some of the muxes pre-defined (for berlin), but i don´t see any channels in libreelec.
    i haven´t managed to find any description how to solve this, in all cases i find the installation of the stick used seems to work without any problem.
    i would be very happy if someone could point me in the right direction. perhaps i am asking the wrong questions or haven´t understood the whole concept of the thing. if so, please put me on the right track.

    thanks a lot