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    I use Intel NUCs as HTPCs. They are all the same dual core Celeron powered models. They have worked perfectly with previous releases. However with the 8.0.x series they often freeze when I use my remote to wake them from suspend. They get stuck with a frozen loading spinner on screen and I have to reboot them. It seems to be tied to my using the Pulse-EIght HDMI-CEC adapter because when I disable the adapter the HTPC will turn on normally.

    I've looked around the forms and seen various CEC issues, but nothing really like this. It is incredibly annoying and nothing I've done playing with the CEC adapter settings has fixed the problem. I rely on the CEC adapter to power up my receiver and tv so I don't want to not be able to use it going forward. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    No luck at all, I think next on my list will be a format/re-install unless anyone has another idea?

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    I too have this issue with NUC that is attached to my Onkyo receiver and TV. Prior to the 8.0 series I could wake my NUC from suspend and have it power on both my receiver and tv and, conversely, suspend the NUC and have everything else power down. Now when I suspend the NUC it doesn't shut anything else off and when I wake it from suspend nothing turns on and when I turn the receiver and tv on manually I find the NUC frozen with the Kodi loading circle on the screen.

    My NUC that I have connected to a tv by itself without CEC capabilities suspends perfectly and even wakes the screen perfectly. I'd love to know if a reinstall fixes your issues because this is an annoying issue with an otherwise great release.