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    Hi to all !

    Nice work from developer KOPRajs ! :cool: Thanks !

    I was previously used LibreElec 7.95.3 on my MX2 with Kodi 17.0 and there was no any problem at all.
    Then I tried to update with .tar file from .update map and the update process begon good but it didn't saved my settings and update it but it started as a fresh install.
    No problem about that, I thought, and after a reboot it was LibreElec 8.0.1 installed and I had Kodi 17.1 but I couldn't change the skin interface, actually I didn't get possibility to download any other skin except the "Estuary" and when I try to download and when I click on the "Get more Skins" it just "flash" for a while and disappear even I was already conected on the network via the wire and also via wireless too. So, I thought it could be some coruppted files and so let's do it all again but then and now I will do it from the scratch...
    I did it all the way it should be done and I changed to internal NAND and rebooted but again I couldn't change the skin.
    I downgrade and reinstalled the LibreElec 7.95.3 with .zip but also in this version, at that point I couldn't change skin anymore.
    I wiped everything in the recovery, reformat the SD card and I flashed again new, fresh install LibreElec 8.0.1 from recovery with .zip file and changed to internal memory but still the problem remains.
    I got at one point after first reboot the message that some system files are corupted and if I wait 120 seconds it will be repaired. I did it and the system repaired this files and rebooted normally.
    What I else have noticed is that I also couldn't change "Regional settings" at the Interface settings.
    I could only use "English" language and there was no any other languages to choose from except "English" language even I was already conected with the network and online on Internet.
    Also "Weather services" didn't work with a same problem, there was no any provider for weather services on the list.
    Is there any other way to get more other languages and "Confluance" skin interface and to add weather provider manually ?!
    Thanks in advance ! - (Already found an answer).

    P.S. What I have also noticed but I don't know if that have any connection with my problem is that when I format SD card with "MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition" in Windows 10 x64 to .ext3 and when I put it back in the laptop reader after flashing it and repairing the file system it states it's an .ext2 file sysytem and not an .ext3. file system anymore.

    After a long set up through "Estuary" skin I have managed to find all "missing" parts and to set up Kodi 17.1 on the way I like it with all addons from last version.
    What I have learned is that all have to be done manually thru Addon packages and there is and Skin addons, and languages addon and weather addon and have to be installed from "All Addons" section.
    I hope it will help to others too to learn that this clean install of LibreElec 8.0.1 needs to be set up in every small detail.
    Succes !