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    Hi there,

    I switche to LE a while ago and it runs perfect. Now i changed to a 16 GB SD Card. I made an .img with diskimager an wrote it on the bigger card, and like i did before on OE i tried to use

    "touch /storage/.please_resize_me" to resize the partition.

    But nothing happend after te reboot, no resize...

    Can somebody please help me, how can i resize the partition to use 16 GB instead of 8 GB.

    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks for this great addon,

    works like charm, even psx and n64. I only have one problem i can't solve. i use a hifi-berry sound card to passthrough 5.1 audio when i'm watching movies.
    When i set dtparam=audio=on, i have sound in retroarch over hdmi, but no soundcard detected in kodi.
    When i set #dtparam=audio=on, i have only sound in retroarch over the av-receicer and not over hdmi, but soundcard in kodi is working.
    When i putty on the pi, and check with aplay -l, only the hifi-berry is shown, no hdmi or pulse audio.
    I tried diffrent ways like audio_driver=sdl

    But i can't figure out whats the reason, can someone help me please ?