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    Run Krypton 17 Via sd card. That wont Brick your box. Both Versions on the 1 box.

    Than you - much appreciated.

    If you upgrade to the same variant - i.e. MXQ, HD18Q or m201d - you shouldn't brick your device. As advised above by Kostaman, you can always try running from an SD card first or if you already do, try a different card for LE 8. I have to admit that nowadays I test S805 builds very briefly as I consider them very mature.

    Actually the only change that could affect this was between 8.0.0b and 8.0.0g. You can try to bump your GPU speed by echo 4 > /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq.

    Thank you for the answers and advice - much appreciated.

    Good day - 1st time posting here. I have a MXQ all black box with a S805 and a V3-1 board. Trying update the firmware so to run Kodi 17 but have been told by a few people that installing LibreELEC 8.0 will not work with the V3 board and may brick the box. Any input will be greatly appreciated before attempting this. Thank you in advance.