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    You don't mention what hardware you're using, or if its ethernet or Wifi.

    If you running off of a SD card, then that is more than likely the issue, especially if it's not a class 10. Also if it's an older RPi (Model A/B) then you've only got a small CPU.

    Also if it's an RPi, then you're limited to 10/100 ethernet.

    As always - the more information you provide, the easier your resolution.

    Booting from a USB is NOT possible, as previously mentioned. However running from a USB should be possible.

    I haven't tried, but if you install LE on a USB stick and also a SD. Then on the SD card, change cmdline.txt for root= point to say sda1 (Many options are available LABEL, UUID) instead of mmcblk0p2. (This was done from memory, so may not be precisely correct)

    Have you looked on the Wiki - I'm sure there might be an entry for this.

    I had the same problem. Looking around I saw that /boot/overlays was empty and the /boot folder had LOTS of FSCK0000nnn,REC files.

    So I flashed OE, copied the overlay files, and then put them in the LE /boot/overlay folder.

    Bingo, it all worked as expected.

    I believe this issue has now been fixed on new installations (It is on 7.90.002)