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    i wanted to switch from my old libreelec running on a Acer Revo 80 to something new, capable of 4K so I can watch my photos on the 4K tv.

    So I bought the Raspi4B with the recommended hdmi cable and installed LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2.1.img.

    I set up the Raspi to use hightes possible resolution and watched some tv-series downloaded from the medathek...resolution is probably 720p. the data is on an external disk connected via usb3.

    I noticed:

    sound is somewhat distorted: when the actor speak, it is "ok", but during pauses the background noice is getting louder and also distorted.

    the video is stuttering.

    any idea which settings to change?

    newphreak, thank you for the explanation. i think i understand, but i am not happy with this. it reminds me of early windows versions, where you had to reboot in order to get a mouse working :(
    ...and it did work better in openelec: if tv was on, elec did find it, no matter if hdmi was selected.

    maybe it is possible to restart xorg, i'll try


    I switched to LibreElec 7.0.1 from OpenElec about a week ago. So far no problems except:

    1) computer (Revo RL 80) running LibreElec is off
    2) TV is ON. Selected input is not the HDMI from LibreElec computer
    3) start computer running LibreElec, let it boot
    4) select input HDMI for computer running LibreElec
    -> no video on my TV. In order to get video working, I have to reboot the Elec

    With openelec I had a similar issue: the TV had to be ON before starting Elec, but the selected input did not matter. So I guess this is not an issue with the TV...

    Is there a way to tell LibreElec to check again for available video out without rebooting, e.g. via shell command or an application on a Android/iOS device? Or maybe a keyboard command?

    Thanks in advance...