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    I had a thought and checked the pulse eight website, looks like there's a firmware update. Might try that tomorrow and see how I get on.

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    Hi guys after a bit of help, my HTPC (specs below) was running 7.0.3 and CEC was working fine, switched off when TV was and woke up when TV was turned back on, however when I updated to 8.0.0 it stopped waking from suspend (it still goes to suspend when the TV is turned off) and I have no idea why. I've updated to 8.0.1 and the problem remains.

    I've seen posts saying there are issues with Pi's but does it extend to any other hardware or is there a Linux setting I need to change?


    Samsung UE55F6670
    Pulse8 CEC
    Intel Pentium G620
    Biostar H61MLC
    GT 710