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    Have you selected one of dvb addons (CrazyCat or Hauppauge)?

    yes, i have the same tuner problem with play2. I have selected both, CracyCat and Hauppage, no success, no tuner :-(
    With the last adamg- (S905.arm) i have had:

    wetekplay 110704 1 wetekdvb

    dvb_core 102633 2 wetekdvb,wetekplay

    Here my actual lsmod:

    LibreELEC (community): 8.90.7-17-g61f89ea-K (S905.arm)

    play2-LE:~ # lsmod

    Module Size Used by

    hci_uart 30014 1

    bluetooth 337922 2 hci_uart

    6lowpan_iphc 10191 1 bluetooth

    nfsv3 23413 1

    nfs 169368 2 nfsv3

    lockd 67743 2 nfs,nfsv3

    sunrpc 207154 15 nfs,lockd,nfsv3

    dhd 751919 0

    cfg80211 374890 1 dhd

    8021q 19007 0

    wifi_dummy 806 0

    mali 198055 5

    amlvideodri 12674 0

    videobuf_res 5386 1 amlvideodri

    videobuf_core 16659 2 amlvideodri,videobuf_res

    videodev 150849 1 amlvideodri

    media 25477 1 videodev

    dwc_otg 233009 0

    fbcon 38031 0

    bitblit 4436 1 fbcon

    softcursor 1168 1 bitblit

    font 7327 1 fbcon

    GDPR-2 , I am testing Your buld (now new dev release) on my wetek play2 and works really nice :) Usually I am using Leia GDPR-1 build . Is possible to map all buttons on remote on Your libreelec version like on Raybuntu leia for wp2?


    You can copy the remote.conf from /etc/amremote/ from your GDPR-1 build (currently rbleia15) in /storage/.config/. It works well for me. Customizing with keymappings is easy.

    For example:

    <key id="61576">Home Button</key>

    <key id="61595">TV Button</key>

    <key id="61596">* Button</key>

    <key id="61656">Recent AppsButton</key>

    <key id="61952">Apps Button</key>

    <key id="61672">TXT Button</key>

    my mapping:





    <key id="61576">ActivateWindow(Home)</key>

    <key id="61596">info</key>

    <key id="61596" mod="longpress">PlayerProcessInfo</key>

    <key id="61654">ContextMenu</key>

    <key id="61654" mod="longpress">Menu</key>

    <key id="61656">Fullscreen</key>

    <key id="61672">ActivateWindow(TVGuide)</key>

    <red mod="longpress">ActivateWindow(TVGuide)</red>


    <green mod="longpress">OSD</green>


    <yellow mod="longpress">runscript(/storage/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/</yellow>


    <blue mod="longpress">PlayerDebug</blue>




    GDPR-2 : the last dev build (LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-devel-20171112113747-r27335-g0f05d91.tar) with patches from afl1 works very smooth and without micro stutter with german dvb-t2 (hevc/[email protected]) on my play2.


    Just a note: in live tv (50p, non HD streaming from TVHeadend server) every 10-20 seconds there's a frame drop and audio stuck for some ms, this was not presente on 8.x builds. I'm the only one? Thanks.

    Me too. In Live TV (German 50p, FHD, HEVC/H.265 DVB-T2) i have the same problem with frame drops every 20-30 seconds, but no audio stuck.