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    This one, not the OP

    I have my own vpn server (windows 2012 R2) and i only know how to connect to this vpn server with those 2 packages installed. I have a s905x box working with libreelec on it, but i need to connect to my vpn server. I have this working with raspberry Pi 2/3, but i need to have it working with an AMLogic box, because of the power of the box! The install of LibreElec is really great and very easy to install on such box, but now i need just these packages installed..

    The same with openelec.. also closed.. i have then osmc which is open, but i can't install it to a s905x box..
    so, what options do i have more?

    hope someone can help me?!

    I only need these 2:

    apt-get install pptp-linux
    apt-get install network-manager-pptp

    Libreelec can u have an image for me with these 2 isntalled, please?! For security reasons, it's for a closed system tv-box, which i also know the consequences!
    I really need these..