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    I own Beelink GT1 s912 2/16GB and almost everything works great.
    The Box only stutter when the movies play in the background and I do something on the menu.
    Microstuttering also appears when subtitles are turned on.

    In addition, everything works smoothly. There is no freezing or overheating problem.
    The CPU and memory usage is very low.

    Kszaq did a good job. Thank you very much.


    Can you please tell me what firmware you used and how you did it?
    I have a Box similiar to yours. Currently running with Android 6.0.1. and Kodi 17.1RC. --- no dts-passthrough working.
    Can you confirm that DTS/DTS-HD Passthrough is working?

    I'm using superceleron's scv9a-atv android firmware and ftmc. Ftmc sometimes has a problem with passthrough so I'm testing libreelec on microSD card. I'm using libreelec version 8.0.1b and everything works fine.

    how often does Kodi crash ?
    I am wondering if it is interesting to change from S905X to S912 to have a little bit more juice for docker...

    I currently testing Libreelec 8.0.1b on my Beelink GT1 2/16GB.
    I do not have any problems at the moment but I only watch movies at 1920x1080 resolution.
    My Box is connected to the Denon AVR X-1000 and has passthrough enabled. Everything works very well.
    I'm impressed by kszaq's work.