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    Many thanks jack9 but I seem to have the exact same problem with those builds too. They install, then reboot, m8 splash, libreELEC splash then nothing. I can install the m8 6.0.0 build from that site but then as soon as I try a later one LIbreELEC, be it v7.x or 8.x I get the blank screen again, back to openelec and all is fine. The strange thing is I can update Demetris 8.0RC4 without any issue and also Demetris LibreELEC-S802.arm-8.0.1a-M8 (which has now been removed?). So I'm not sure what is different with those builds.

    Any ideas? Demetris can you shed any light or have anything I can check / test?

    Many thanks in advance

    I have an M8 s802 and I can't seem to get any of 8x2 images working, every time it installs and reboots i get the usual startup splash screens and then nothing. I can install codesnake 603 and then the 8.0Rc4 and also the old "LibreELEC-S802.arm-8.0.1a-M8" version which seems to have been removed, they both install and load ok but the 8x2 images install, display splash screens and then goes black and doesn't display Kodi. I have tried updating using tar from 603 and from 8.0rc4 etc but same result.

    Can anyone please help? I've tried different combinations and searched back through thread, please help! anyone else with m8 have same issue? if not what combination did you use or am i missing something?

    Unfortunately I couldn't flash either, tried tar and zip. Looked like it was installing and then nothing. Box now has light and no display, can't recovery using normal mx2 recovery card (created using HDD Raw) so not sure what to try next or how to fix it.


    Many thanks for latest build. I have an M8 box and updated from 8.0rc4 using the tar file but the remote no longer works, it worked ok on rc4. It is the small round cornered remote. Only other thing of note was the shutdown option in the power menu turned the box off fine but it then wouldn't allow you turn back on, only way was to turn the box off at wall / pull power lead. This was on rc4 not sure if it is the same on latest build with the remote not working

    Any help much appreciated and many thanks again