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    Removed (renamed) my existing userdata -> addon_data -> service.webgrabplus folder then updated addon and tried out latest release and can confirm everything working well and as expected.

    I understand better changes you have incoperated in service.webgrabplus-*.0.92 release for LibreELEC.

    Really enjoying simplicty of webgrab++ set-up now with LibreELEC running as a service, where all typical user needs to do is access userdata -> addon_data-> service.webgrabplus -> siteini.pack -> [Country(s) of user Channel (to obtain EPG information) Interest]

    Enter and then select channels strings required from user selected .channels.xml (with favourite text editor)
    add text strings to userdata -> addon_data -> service.webgrabplus -> WebGrab++.config.xml (with favourite text editor)
    Save changes in WebGrab++.config.xml

    Then run via ssh, webgrabplus.start (which has benefit of providing running job information on the ssh'd screen as the webgrabplus job is being run on the LibreELEC device )

    To pick up the updated configuration files, delete the addon home directory via smb or ssh

    awiouy, Please can you clarify....We can install and/or update addon in our existing LibreELEC installation by downloading and then accessing provided .zip in normal way to install an addon.

    If we have already previously setup our webgrab+ configuration files and wish to view new examples from latest zip, we delete our userdata _> addon_data -> servicewebgrabplus folders. Otherwise we can just install from .zip and only underlying installation files are updated, with user configuration items in userdata _> addon_data -> servicewebgrabplus unchanged?

    Thanks for the update

    Got it to work! Thanks for linking the guide.

    But how can I get Kodi or TVHeadend to read from the .xml?

    To be honest, I have not been using external guide.xml with main kodi TV interface and TVheadend, but with for example the TV Guide addon.

    Main reason is I want to maintain full user control of a mixed guide/channel content and links to Live streams from Live TV and/or various addon stream sources.
    (So I can understand what's on when and switch between channels without going backwards and forwards between Kodi Live TV and Streaming addon playback options)

    I am currently using a new fork of original TV Guide which is currently under beta development by Primeaval...thread in Kodi forum can be found HERE

    Wish I could do everything I want within standard kodi TV interface with a single simplified PVR backend, so far I have not found a kodi PVR backend (or combination of backends) that work reliably and suit my particular mixed channel needs.

    I am reasonably sure that latest versions of TVheadend will read an externally provided guide.xml, however I have not tried to set it up and use for myself as I already know it will not suit my specific usage case.

    I had to redirect the guide.xml file to /.storage because in my tired state I could not figure out how to navigate iVue settings to the default.

    I has similar, tired state moment as you I forgot to ensure that hidden files and folders were visibile in Kodi settings which is an available option only when in advanced and expert modes.

    i.e. With Krypton and Estuary Interface

    Settings -> Library -> General

    Set "Show hidden Files and Folders" to enabled

    Then you are able to browse to userdata -> addon_data -> servicewebgrabplus folder where the guide.xml is currently being stored by default.


    Apologies for not responding sooner, everything is working absolutely perfectly, you are an absolute star

    For anyone installing Webgrab++ as LibrELEC Addon (Which takes any pain out of install and having a basic pre-running setup of Webgrab++)

    I would recommend reading jumping right to Webgrab++ Configuration Howto to appreciate power and I believe simplisity of Webgrab++

    OK on to my current setting-up method :-

    Copy required channels.xml & associated .ini into the Userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus (for country(s) of interest.
    Modify Webgrab++.config.xml to include the specific channels of interest you wish to grab epg information on.

    If we are running Webgrab++ on same device that we want to view EPG and subsequently watch the channels, Webgrab++ alters any country time zone differences on the fly to be aligned with time zone set on the device

    So then we just read guide.xml output "using a XMLTV reader of choice" after Webgrab++ run is complete. (i.e. Kodi TV Guide addon)

    However, if we plan to transfer guide.xml to a remote device that has a different time zone setting, then timings for channels may/will be misaligned with that particular time zone.
    This is where additional chans2correct.xml comes in if we require it. Basically we just add specific channels that need time zone to be moved forward or back..

    I have already tested chans2correct.xml and as awiouy has already stated an additional tvguide.xml will be created in Userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus. so....

    guide.xml typically used on device Webgrab++ is running on and any other devices being transferred to with same time zone setting.
    tvguide.xml for devices running in a different time zone and/or for any problematic channel.xml that webgrab++ has trouble automagically setting correct time zone

    Hope these quick notes help others who want to try-out this preview release of webgrab++ and provide awiouy and the LibreELEC team feedback


    Accessing Guide from Kodi, forgot to ensure hidden files/folder visible in Kodi
    (Many users could miss that, hence request to be able to set a user folder location in GUI settings)

    Understand we don’t want to edit .xml files in Kodi, so easy to edit from a PC across the network to device running LibreELEC anyway.

    Regarding run every six hours philosophy, actually on reflection and a few test runs its not that bad at all, assuming users typically set "i" in prepared .xml files for each channel

    i = incremental i.e. Webgrab++ only updates changes, gaps, repairs and adds new shows (within specified time window to grab) since last run. If no guide.xml exists in expected folder, Webgrab++ creates a new one and then starts from scratch as if nothing had previously existed anyway. (user can delete guide if want a brand new clean guide creating)

    I just not sure its a good idea fixing a time in code that all kodi LibreELEC users could then be hitting same webservices to provide data at similar/same time (just a thought really)

    So around 30 mins for 1st guide creation (in my case) and then with automatic run every six hours It seems that guide updates are typically taking less than 10 mins for around 30 channels from more than one provider.

    Thanks again

    awiouy, Thanks again for making webgrab++ available, I have now updated my release to that provided in thread


    Guide created is guide.xml not tvguide.xml (correct in 1st post?)

    I tried to modify location to /storage/Downloads to make guide visible/selectable via kodi GUI (for selection and use with TV Guide via Kodi GUI) but for some reason guide.xml was not created in expected folder (Webgrab++ appears to have created additional /storage/downloads folder?)

    Hope we can add some basic webgrab++ options modifyable from Kodi GUI webgrab++ settings i.e.

    Guide storage location(s) [local & network]
    Time and Frequency of Webgrab++ run [06:00 Every day, Run Now] (every six hours seems too much?)
    Ability to force a full update run of guide "F" over standard "i" for each channel

    Great to be able to setup in background and forget

    WebGrab+ is in the pipeline. It appears to run, and I intend to wrap it in an addon next week-end.

    If WebGrab+Plus runs reliably on a PI with LibreELEC as OS, that could be really great news, will look forward to setting up to create my usual guide.xml and test when its available

    Does availabilty of Mono in LibreELEC mean that we may have opportunity to run WebGrab+Plus directly on Rasberry Pis ref Raspberry Pi | WebGrab+Plus

    i.e. Is mono provided in LibreELEC (Krypton) similar/same to what is suggested to be installed in above (before installing WebGrab+Plus) hyperlink?

    I already posted a thread in forum querying possibilty of installing webgrab+Plus on LibreELEC WebGrab+Plus, libreELEC, Pi Howto?

    Any thoughts, ideas, help appreciated

    The answer will depend upon the EPG data source that you're trying to work with?

    For my personal use in Spain I have been pulling information for my EPG from as TVheadend is not pulling all channel(s) information over the air and I am getting a number of channels with no EPG info via DVB-T.

    Anyone know if its practicable to instal and run WebGrab+ Plus and automatically schedule a regular creation/update of tvguide.xml for use by tvheadend backend/frontend on a Raspberry Pi running LibreELEC OS?   Ref Webgrabplus documentation, Installation on raspberry pi

    I am aware of individuals stating that they have WebGrab+ Plus running on Pi's where they have Raspian or similar installed, but not when only have OpenELEC LibreELEC as OS on the Raspberry Pi. Above link to documentation talks about requiring a specific version of mono, before installing webgrab+ plus.

    I have been ruuning webgrab+ plus on Win10 PC automatically for a while now, passing resulting tvguide.xml to Pi using xcopy.
    Would like to have everything running cleanly and self-sufficiently on Pi if its possible with latest LibreELEC OS.

    Thanks for any latest tips/pointers

    While waiting for devupdate to get updated; I patched it to make it work with Milhouse LibreElec builds, all others including openelec will not work: devupdate

    2 files changed are lib/ & lib/

    I just renamed (appended) existing two files in .kodi\addons\script.openelec.devupdate\resources\lib with (i.e.

    Then copied two modified files into same folder, rebooted LibreElec and everything seems to be working correctly in devupdate for updating LibreElec testbuilds (can step through existing available milhouse libreelec testbuilds), thanks ;)

    Will update to latest build tonight/tomorrow using temp modified/patched devupdate.

    Been attempting to add Index of /builds/master/RPi2/ as a custom path in Leopold's OpenELEC Dev Update addon in order to install latest #0403 LibreElec Krypton build then update directly from Rpi2 as further updates become available via dev update addon. Currently getting following Kodi warning message


    No builds were found for RPi2.arm
    Index of /builds/master/RPi2/
    Please check the URL

    extract from \\\Userdata\addon_data\script.openelec.devupdate\settings.xml