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    Ran across this after the official chromium plugin update to 55 broke Netflix. Installed the 63 build which fixed Netflix but broke my remote. I am using the script from here: showthread.php?tid=77591 so I can close Chromium from my Harmony remote. Any one have ideas where I could start to even look into this?

    Thank you. That seems to have fixed it. Not sure why it was not listed. Hopefully it does not mess up the chromium remote script add-on.

    Thank you for dealing so politely with a newbie. I will update and turn on debug and post up when I can. Thank you again for your time.
    System updated to 8.0.1. Debug on. Played same disk and hit the skip forward button during the previews. Playback stopped and kicked back out to the "desktop", for lack of a better word.


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    Like to ask if it is a know issue before bombarding the forum with logs. Not sure if any of these are related to my issue but these show up a bunch.
    WARNING: dll_ioctl - 21394 request failed with error [5] Input/output error
    WARNING: could not find codec parameters for /var/media/SING/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO
    WARNING: CDVDInputStreamNavigator::GetVideoResolution - Failed to get resolution ()

    This one sort of concerned me.
    WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer


    Running the Generic AMD/Intel/nVidia GPU HTPC v8.0. Almost every time I play a DVD it will stop at random times during the movie. Sometimes I can get it to start back up and go play past the original spot it stopped at. Other times I have restarted the computer. I did not have any issues with the same system running Kodi on top of Linux Mint. I have tried changing out the DVD drive with no difference. Anyone else having this issue? Or better yet know a fix? Let me know if you need more information.