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    hi there
    After a couple of installations of OpenElec on Rpi and Rpi2 I moved to the LibreElec. First was an upgrade from OpenElec. Everything seemed to be OK. It ran smoothly and without crashes. Few weeks ago I tried to make my first clean install of Libre. I added some favorite add-ons and build the movie library, which is really huge (thousands of items). I noticed the big slowdown of moving in the library. The movie thumbnails load very slowly. When I release the arrow button, the movement in the library advances very slowly for a long time. Movie by movie. Currently I am working on the second attempt with another card (same type), but it looks similar. The second issue is, that I noticed speed (frequency) wavering (fluctuating) sound at the beginning of all the movies I tested. (it sounds like a stretched-out audio tape)
    I did not notice such issues on the older installations. The size of the library was very similar.
    BTW, I am still using the same type of micro SD cards (SanDisk 16GB, class 10, UHS-I from China - SDSQUNB-016-GN3MN)
    I have been searching the internet for a long time, but without success. Please help.
    Many thanks.