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    Hi, I have not been here for a long time because everything worked well for me. Yesterday I rebooted the box, I do not know why and I have this effect Somewhere I saw two lines to enter in the terminal but I can not find it and fix the problem. Will you help?

    Isn’t your tv just set in 3D mode and splitting the image vertically?

    kszaq Is there any way to clear saved network settings through ssh?

    Because when trying to connect to any WiFi network for the first time, I keep getting an "Invalid Arguments" error or an "Operation Timout" error if its SSID is hidden. Scanning for networks work but from my experience with my other devices, I found out that if I turned the "Connect Automatically" option off under the network's settings, I'd got the "Invalid Arguments" error when connecting to other Networks. So I'd like to just clear everything and see if that fixes it.

    And gxbb_p200_1G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb works when booting from NAND.

    What happens if you don’t hide the SSID? It’s serves no purpose hiding it anyway.

    The word [discontinued] has been present in the first post for a number of days now but I haven’t really seen anything to clarify what that means. Is kszaq able to clarify if we will see anything after or what the reference refers to please? Are we to move to the 9.x.x.x versions being created by a different user soon?


    When the device is decompressing the audio, it is limited to 96khz (as kszaq suggests) due to restrictions in the onboard DAC. When you passthrough the DTS-MA track, the device does not touch the original bitstream and your amplifier decodes the audio at the full 192khz.