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    No Problem on my M8S Mini II (S905X)

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    today I've installed the 8.1.6 build on my new Mini M8S II to nand.

    Everything seems to work fine, except the samba shares.

    I am not able to access any samba share on my network.

    If I want to add a share as a new source I don't see anything in the samba network browser.

    When I type in the path manually, I can see all the shares but if I try to access one of them, I get the message "File exists" and nothing else happens.

    I already changed the workgroup name to match that one I use on my local network and even provided a wins server because one of my machines acts as one. This all have been done through kodi's gui settings. But if I look at /etc/samba/smb.conf nothing has changed and even if I change /storage/.config/samba.conf.sample to my needs and rename it to samba.conf, the /etc/samba/smb.conf remains at default settings after reboot.

    Is this just me, or is someone else experiencing this kind of problems?


    I have problems getting vdr-dvbapi and oscam to run on a Wetek Play2 which I bought for a friend.

    In the vdr-backend-addon settings, I have set the dvbapi-plugin settings to ip/host= and port=8002. I think these are both default values and both are set properly in vdr's setup.conf.
    In the oscam webint I configured the dvbapi module as follows:

    enabled                       = 1
    pmt_mode                      = 4
    listen_port                   = 8002
    delayer                       = 75
    user                          = vdr
    boxtype                       = pc

    Now, if I start the vdr-backend at first and oscam as second, I get the following error message in the oscam log:

    (dvbapi) ERROR: Could not init socket: (errno=98: Address already in use)

    If I start both in reverse order, oscam doesn't show this error message, but vdr sems to crash repeatedly.

    Someone an idea what is going wrong here?
    I have almost the same setup/config on a x86 machine and it runs without any problems.