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    Same problem here. Frequent wait (coloured wheel).

    • Selecting dropdown boxes takes a very long time to respond.
    • If you move the app windows around the drop down list may stay behind on its own
    • No indication of new selection until drop close. i.e. one cannot see what you are selecting other than where the mouse pointer is pointing at.
    • From when I physically click a button e.g. download, until visual confirmation (orange highlight the button) takes several seconds (5+).
    • After several minutes waiting with no indication of a download in progress clicked again download. it then (with the usual tardiness and frequent spinning wheel) progressed through the dialogs to the point of downloading.
    • Download speed itself was ok, as long as the app did not have focus (i.e use another app while this one run in the background). The moment this app get focus, the spinning wheels return and the download will stutter.
    • Writing the image had no issues, even while the app had focus.

    I would really love for the app to work.