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    So I have 10 crash logs. I think there are possibly 3 or more crash reasons. The one I have a clue as to what is happening is that

    the stack trace is indicating there is a double free in the TVHeadend PVR client addon.

    I have the chromebox setup as dual boot to Chrome, but never use chrome.

    sda1 seems to be the chromeos. sda12 seems to be EFI. sda8 is mounted as /var/media/OEM. Unsure what that is.

    How does one upload the previous log?

    It looks like whatever happened occurred at 23:00 which is when a recording ended.

    I have done a dmesg | paste.


    I do see a kodi seg fault in the dmesg.

    My chromebox has been up for 24 hours again now. I changed from from using the xmltv file grabber to grab an XMLTV file produced on my NAS to using the sd2tvh addon that edit4ever posted to the forum last year Schedules Direct for Tvheadend addon

    I was anticipating making that switch eventually because my NAS is at the end of its support. The reason I was thinking the XMLTV grab was not the issue is that the timing relative to the my cron was wrong.

    I am unable to connect via putty, I am unable to connect via the web interface and when I change my TV to the interface Kodi is on, the screen is blank. It has never happened while I am using kodi or connected in some manner to the box.

    Approximately a week ago, I updated Libreelec on a Chromebox from 7.x to 8.2.3. For a few days, it was working fine, but it has now started locking up.

    I think there is a chance it is related to tv schedule updates in tvheadend, but I am starting to doubt that.

    I have uploaded logs using the Kodi Logfile uploader addon

    Ubuntu Pastebin