MakeMKV into the repository?

  • Would it be possible or is it planed to bring MakeMKV into the repository allowing an easy install?

    I think it would bring a easy solution for enabling Bluray Support to LibreELEC.

  • Indeed, you can add the necessary blu-ray key database like this: mkdir -p /storage/.config/aacs && curl -L -O /storage/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg

  • Apologies if this is an obvious question, but is there any benefit or advantage to using MakeMKV over the KEYDB method? Am I correct in assuming that the KEYDB method wouldn't support BD+ titles? Would MakeMKV?

  • I am not sure about that.

    I only remembered that some time ago I tried to get Bluray running under Ubuntu. At that time there were different tutorials around. But I already used MakeMKV and I was surprised because I never noticed any Problems with it. For the Key-File method I often heard that some movies are not working etc. It might be because of my set of disks but I never had to struggle with such problems with MakeMKV. To get Bluray running system wide one only had to delete the system files connected to Bluray and make a link to the makemkv files. With this also Handbrake etc. runs like a charm.

    But maybe in the end MakeMKV uses the very same files?

  • Ah cool. Currently I don't have a use for it yet, but I will come back to it. When I build a HTPC.

  • Thank you. Now i got this error when compiling.

  • In that case you'd need to fix the issue. Or you can pull my docker container escalade1/arch-build which has no issues building.

  • Hi there,

    so I'm trying to build the addon as well and ran into the same error:

    Has someone solved this issue or can point me into the right direction? Am I missing some libraries?


  • Thank you escalade for taking the time.

    Now I get to 88% but it seems the error is the same. I'm doing this really for the first time, so I don't know if I'm missing something essential here:

    I also changed the to PKG_VERSION="1.12.0" instead of PKG_VERSION="1.10.5" since the 1.10.5 version is not available to download.


  • Just a FYI, you don't actually need MakeMKV to play blu-rays, you can do that fine with libaacs. All you need is the KEYDB.cfg file.

  • How is this: different from the KEYDB.cfg that is already in the official libreelec build?

    And by the way I get 404 when trying to access the above file.

  • The file in our image is a dummy. We do not (and will not, ever) supply real KEYDB.cfg files. Go look around on Google.