LE 10.0.4 | RPi 4 | Samsung TV | HDR10+ content defaults to HDR10

  • My TV is HDR10+ capable and when I play media over DLNA it plays them using the full dynamic data, however playing the same media through LE the TV discards the HDR10+ data and defaults to standard HDR10. The loss in picture quality is striking.

    I've run getedid create over SSH with no success in solving this.

    I've also tested the latest LE 11 nightly and the issue persists.

    How would I go about troubleshooting this further?

  • Dynamic HDR (HDR10+/DolbyVision) isn't supported in Kodi under Linux so this is expected. Use standard HDR10 or HLG files.

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  • Hey HiassofT ,

    Thanks for the reply and for clearing this up for me however I was troubleshooting using resources like the forum and the wiki.

    From the LibreELEC wiki


    Kodi on Linux can support HDR formats like HLG, HDR10, and HDR10+ but not proprietary formats like Dolby Vision which do not have open-source implementations.

    If it really is the case that HDR10+ is not supported in Kodi under Linux then perhaps an edit to the wiki is in order to reflect more accurate information.