Initial created image does not boot

  • I used the last release (10.0.3) for Raspberry 4 and made the SD-Card image with windows.

    The Paspberry Pi4 does not boot at all, always a blue screen changes with a black screen forever. So i tried the image 10.0.2 and the same happened again.

    Then i connected the RP4 to my Audio Cinema System (instead of the monitor) and it booted and finished installation without a problem.

    For the unsuccessful boot, a HDMI Monitor with 1920x1200 resolution was connected. Then i Used my Home Cinema with AVR receiver and Beamer with UDH resolution (there it booted and installed the system without a problem).

    Maybe there is a problem with the connected video devices during first boot? (the not so usual resolution of 1920 x 1200?) For me it looks like the display could not be "initialized" when my monitor was connected and it tries again and again and ...

  • Edit the cmdline.txt file and append "video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected]" to boot params and it should force output at that resolution on the monitor even if the monitor is offering 1920x1200. The initial boot and install/resize process is likely running in the background fine when using the monitor, but for some reason (bad EDID data?) output isn't happening. Hence all looks good when attached to the AVR.