Snapclient fine tuning to avoid dropouts - via CLI or other?

  • Hi,

    Love that this is available.

    I'm using snapserver on a Ubuntu KVM on my home server.

    I'm using mopidy as the media server.

    2 of my clients are Libreelec systems on older AMD dozer systems (well and v truly powerful enough for 1080p viewing and audio) , they are connected via a gigabit LAN.

    I'm getting pretty frequent dropouts so figure I need to adjust some latency settings. The snapclient add-on seems to only allow the overall latency to be adjusted but not the ability to set the number of fragments and their individual latencies....

    Can you please advise if this can be tuned via CLI or if this may come in a later release

    I notice the snapclient in Libreelec only has an input to adjust the overall latency

  • First thing to improve the issue was to co-locate the snapserver and mopidy ..

    Reduce the load on the bridged network interface on the hypervisor.