10.0.2 gui feels running "slower" on rpi3?

  • Hi! :)

    rpi3 user here

    I moved from 9.2.x (leia) to 10.0.2 (matrix). I did find that the GUI feels "slower" than my previous version

    Is this normal? It looks like 10.x version is "heavier" that the 9.x (10.x version also boots slower)

    Should we wait for better gui performance in future builds among other fixes?

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  • LE 9.2 is optimised towards RPi0/1/2/3 hardware (RPi4 is not feature complete) and LE 10+ is optimised towards RPi4 (and RPi 0/1/2/3 are not as featured) using an entirely new/different video pipeline. RPi devs will continue to improve things but I wouldn't expect massive changes in the future. The older RPi display codebase contains quite a few clever hacks that aren't upstreamable and thus deliberately won't be repeated in the newer codebase.