Updateing to latest nightly & TVHeadend

  • Is there some way that you can warn people that installing an upgrade from the nightlies will result in an addon being removed. I have very few addons - two skins, one visualisation and TVHEadend (version 4.2). As part of the upgrade process I was informed that TVHeadend had to be removed. I've installed 4.3 (Alpha) and that seems to work BUT I now have a lot of messing about to reconfigure everything.

  • I think it's pretty obvious that installing development snapshots / nightly builds can result in anything - even non-booting systems.

    So do that at your own risk and always have a full backup so you can easily roll back if something goes wrong.

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  • Sorry, I wasn't being ultra clear. Rather than inform people partway through the update process they should be informed BEFORE it starts so that they can make a decision based on knowledge about a specific upgrade.

    Part way through the process your software decides which addons are going to be permitted so the technology is there. Why not move that check to the front of the queue so the process can be aborted is desired.

    I did make a backup before carrying out the upgrade. I also ran an export on the database and I'm backing that up now. When that's finished I'll try rolling back again.

  • LE has no knowledge about the used kodi in an update and which addons might get disabled then by kodi. So there's no way we could tell you upfront what kodi will do.

    If something goes wrong with a nightly then restore your backup - or stick to official release builds.

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  • HiassofT

    "LE has no knowledge about the used kodi in an update "

    I'm surprised but OK

    "If something goes wrong with a nightly then restore your backup"

    Simply restoring the backup means that the newly installed nightly remains in place so I need to do a clean install and then restore the backup. Earlier on (several months ago) I did try cloning the SSD to an HDD but whilst both were 120GB devices they wern't identical and even though I used clonezilla and told it to ignore the size difference (loads of empty space mainly) the clone would not work. If there's a better way I'd be grateful for being instructed.

    "or stick to official release builds."

    I would have done if they'd worked. I'm using the nightlies because they have fixed many of the problems I'd been having.


    I know - I was in IT for a long time at both developer and manager level and I've seen some major bloodshed.

    On a totally unrelated subject I did look at the SD burner and QT, I spoke to several people I'm still in touch with in the development community - the general feeling was if it involved QT run away quickly.

  • heitbaum

    Thanks for the info. I loaded the 16/9/22 nightly (I was on the 4/9/22 I think before) so that I included the latest update to SAMBA and am pretty much back to where I was before I started the upgrade ..... I think <VBG>

    I'm bending my brain trying to understand the Amber skin enough to make a small mod so I won't be upgrading for a while, in fact if the 16/9/22 version works I may just wait until the release version.