LE11 vom 20.09.22

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    The input stream helper, Enigma2 client, is not compatible with the latest version LE11 from 09/20/22. Are there new versions coming?
  • AFAIK, the binary addons are built manually. This may take some time.

    We make periodic updates to add-ons and build them when upstream things are bumped (and we notice, there is no automation) but they are not built "nightly" like core images.

  • They are build semi automatically, but they need ~6ìsh hours to build + delay due schedule so there is some delay.

    Normally you can expect a day delay after merge it is at the repo.

  • Now I have the strange situation that inputstream and visualization addons have been updated, but pvr addons have not. There isn't even a 'PVR-Clients' category at the 'LibreELEC Add-ons' repository. In particular, I need the pvr.hts addon version 20.5.0.