RFC: extended user profil to save some files (scripts, Howto's,etc.) or links to them in a central place

  • wouldn't it be advantageous to have an option to save user files or links to user files under a user profile.

    so one could point to a users profile to make others aware of - let say - scripts, howto's one maid and would like to share.

    currently I need to find the thread and comment in the forum to archive this.

    or does an option already exists and I'm - as usual - blind ?

    comments / rotten fruits ?

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

  • In some forums that would be handled by signatures. We used to have signatures active, but it's one of the primary targets for spammers to add link-farming spam to. We also have too many users that think text in distracting weird colours and abnormally large font sizes is great visual design, and a small number harbouring a beef with other forum users and long-term project members who like to add messages that are basically offensive. So signatures have been turned off. Anything that provides a Google scrape-able alternative would likely suffer from the same issues, so I appreciate the idea but we aren't likely to do anything like that.

    NB: Anything that's of general benefit to our user audience can (and should) be put in the wiki, which is open for anyone to send changes to through a GitHub pull request.