failed to start xorg

  • Hi, me again, it seems I now have a codec issue, when I try to play a movie or live TV I get a flashing green screen and no sound. I think maybe there are no codecs installed on the nightly build?

    ps. any idea when the next stable release of LE might happen?

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  • Here is a new Log file, no banned addons.

    It's half a debug log this time. Always restart Kodi / LibreELEC when enabling debugging for a complete debugged log.

  • a shot in the dark:

    when a free-to-air channel is running:

    - press enter- key

    - move to the most right icon (a gear wheel)

    - press enter

    - play with:

    * "select resolution" => adjust to something your monitor supports

    * "Video setting" => DeInterlace Mode (OFF ?)


    I've seen this issue too with one (?) channel (german, servus-tv) 2-3 nightlies back.

    ~time frame~: when I played with "DRM Prime" and Monitor settings.

    a for 3-4 times pulsing green screen followed by a crash and a kodi (?) restart to the home screen.

    maybe this is important: servus-tv's video stream is 1920x1088i

    other HD channels are: 1280x720p and were fine

    I'm unsure if I've seen the green issue with SD channels too (Vox, n-tv*)

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

  • Thanks, have tried your suggestions and some of the settings, I managed to get video by turning off "Hardware Acceleration" however the audio squeels very loud, I set "pass through" and it worked sometimes. I still think it is a codec issue in the nightly build. The build I used was dated 19 Jan, will now try the most recent build 22nd.

    Any idea when the next stable release will occur? This is all to do with the new Intel GPU in the processor chip I have just purchased?