What happened to the RSS feed

  • Feed display appears to be b0rked again.

    It fetches and seems to look properly formatted in a web browser, but won't display in LE/Kodi RSS ticker.

    (For both https://libreelec.tv/feed and https://libreelec.tv/feed.xml)

    Other feeds work, and I've changed nothing related on my end, so it looks to be a libreelec.tv issue

    DEBUG <general>: Thread RSSReader start, auto delete: false
    DEBUG <general>: CurlFile::Open(0x7efdeb34e900) https://libreelec.tv/feed.xml
    DEBUG <general>: easy_acquire - Created session to https://libreelec.tv
    DEBUG <general>: Got rss feed: https://libreelec.tv/feed.xml
    DEBUG <general>: RSS feed encoding: UTF-8
    DEBUG <general>: Thread RSSReader 139629037942336 terminating

    A successful feed has the following DEBUG entry after the encoding line:-

    DEBUG <general>: Parsed rss feed: https://kodi.tv/rss.xml

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