FTP, SFTP client - persistent connections and connection reuse

  • Feature request:

    FTP and SFTP client should keep the connection open for a few seconds (10 - 30s ...) and reuse it for the next transfer instead of closing it immediately and negotiate a new one.

    This happens when scanning the FTP files into library and during playback of bad .avi files that are not interleaved (audio is at the end of the file and the player alternatively seeks audio and video). Library update with FTP in LAN is not very slow, but high latency SFTP (to home server from a hotel across the world) becomes annoyingly slow.

    AVI files not interleaved are unplayable even in LAN.

  • I have no problems although I see that Kodi access (from LibreELEC) to remote libraries with many items in the same directory via FTP or samba is a bit slow while scanning, when with android it is much faster. To solve this I am using the remote directory mount on local LibreELEC directories. This works best.

  • Sorry if I have not explained myself well, I use sshfs. But this only works if the server storage allows SSH / SFTP access.

    • Official Post

    Requests to modify how the Kodi SSH/FTP client performs/behaves should be done via the Kodi forums. LE simply consumes whatever code the respective Kodi devs publish or bundle with Kodi.